Best Youth Hostels in Cambodia



With the far east becoming a popular youth destination in the world, several accommodation facilities have come up in various cities in Cambodia including Phnom Penh, Kampot, Siem Reap and many others. Some of the top 5 Cambodian youth hostels within the country include:

1. The Mad Monkey

The Mad Monkey Hostels is a company that was established in 2011 and just within three years of operation, it has risen to dominate the hostel market in Cambodia and is the best backpackers in Cambodia by a long way. The hostels are located at Phnom Penh, Siem reap and Kampot, and offer great accommodation facilities to youth all over the world. Accommodation options at these hostels include backpacker dormitories as well as private rooms which are fitted with free wireless internet facilities. They are located close to various amenities as well as major sports within these towns including international airports as well as museums and other tourist attractions. The headquarters of the Mad Monkey hostels is in Phnom Penh and the services offered are worth of recognition. Each hostel has several food and beverage facilities as well as shops and even recreational facilities.  The Mad Monkey website also has a pretty nifty backpacker guide as well, check it out.

2. Jasmine Family Hostel – Siem reap

Owned by a Cambodian family, the Jasmine family hostel is located at the heart of Siem Reap and offers great access to the main spots within the city. The hostel can be easily accessed from the Siem Reap airport and offers great unrivaled services and facilities for its guests including family rooms, a 24 hour front desk, on-site restaurants as well as currency exchange and BBQ facilities. The hostel has a total of 20 rooms and offers great recreational options as well.

3. Siem Reap Hostel

Located five kilometers from the Old Market and Pub Street, the Siem Reap hostel provides several accommodation facilities for a range of budgets, including basic dorm rooms, deluxe dorm rooms as well as private dorm rooms. Each room has a private balcony and the dorms can accommodate a maximum of 6 people per night. Guests can choose either mixed sex dorms or female only dorms. The hostel also features a poolside bar and restaurant as well as several areas where young travellers can relax and socialize. Cinemas are screened every evening as well. Next to the hostel are several attractive spots such as the Wat Dam nak temple and the hostel offers free transport services to and from the airport, bus or boat terminals.

4. Me Mates Villa Phnom Penh

Me Mates Villa is located next to the Royal palace and offers a great way to explore the city and its surroundings. The city center is less than a kilometer away and the hotel’s strategic location ensures that guests easily access interesting spots within the city such as the National Museum, Cooking class as well as Wat Saravan. Accommodation options at the facility include three types of dorm rooms which may accommodate mixed guests, or female guests only. Several other services and amenities are also available such as airport transfers, bicycle rental, pubs and restaurants as well as free tour consultation and arrangement.

5. King Boutique Siem Reap

Located at the city center in Siem Reap, the King Boutique is one of the top 5 Cambodian youth hostels as it offers several amenities including fitness centers, meeting facilities, room service as well as easy access to nearby markets and city attractions such as the temples of Angkor. There is free shuttle service, as well as a free parking area for guests using private transport. There is an on- site restaurant that offers traditional as well as Western dishes, and all the 35 rooms within the hotel feature the traditional Khmer décor style.