Bogota Colombia

Considerably higher than Medellin at 2640m (8,660 feet) lies the capital Bogota Colombia. Unlike Medellin, this is a fast-paced and energetic cosmopolitan city that embraces worldwide cuisine, art and culture.

There is a striking amount of visible wealth here, a reminder that Colombia is far from being among the poorest nations and you cannot help but be a little bewildered over just how modern and European-looking many of the parts of town are.


My favorite hotel in Bogota is the Estelar Fontana. This is admittedly not the most exciting of hotels in the world but it’s friendly, practical and a bit of a retreat from the noisy city.

With a clear cut wealthy North/ poor South divide, chances are you will not venture south. A major difference from Medellin is the presence of an artsy, dear I say Bohemian, crowd here in parts such as La Candelaria and La Macarena. Restaurants and cafes reflect this and reminded me more of being in a university town such as Brighton, England than in Colombia.

Further North are La Zona Rosa and El Parque de la 93 with numerous bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels.

Usaquen, still further North is a an oasis of a square with beautiful surrounding Spanish architecture and simply the most charming and romantic restaurants in town. This is an exclusive part of town where you can find the best restaurants with prices to match.

To the East are towering mountains reaching well above 3000m, from where you can take the cable car to Montserrat (3030m / 9940 feet) which has a breathtaking view over the city.

Further East you are in the country where the climate is cool to temperate and many wealthy Bogotanians build their weekend homes.

Here, you can wine and dine, take in the art scene, shop ┬┤til you drop, walk around the spacious sidewalks and enjoy the energy. Being such a city it will also eat a little deeper into your wallet as just about everything is notably pricier than in Medellin and the rest of the country.

If you have the time and decide to just make a short trip of it on your way to or from Medellin, I highly recommend a day or two in Bogota Colombia to get a feel for it. This is a large country and the more I see, the more I realise how extreme are the contrasts.

Note that at this altitude the temperatures are much lower than at sea level and can be fairly chilly in the morning. When the sun comes out it is warm and summer-like but once the clouds roll in and evening falls, you will need a jacket for sure.